All the TMTP episodes in one place

Emily Atack

Episode 1.

Emily Atack joins Joel and Steve for the FIRST EVER Teenage Mixtape to chat growing up around Paul McCartney, her Bonnie Tyler memories and Joel recording an audiobook for his first love.


Luke Kempner

Episode 2.

Comedian Luke Kempner is here to chat Daniel Bedingfield’s first gig, a weird encounter with 50 Cent and the saddest rendition of American Pie EVER. Even food don’t taste this good.

Edith Bowman

Episode 3.

Radio DJ and voice of the nation, Edith Bowman chats to Joel and Steve about Blue splitting up, a fated interview with Robbie Williams, and Romeo and Juliet. 

Arron Crascall

Episode 4.

Internet Superstar Arron Crascall joins Joel and Steve to chat about celebrity followers, Dappy, Natalie Imbruglia and bumping into David Hasselhoff.

Sam Carter

Episode 5.

Sam Carter from Architects joins Joel and Steve to chat screaming, being Frank Sinatra and texting Carol Vorderman.

Sam Thompson

Episode 6.

Made in Chelsea’s Sam Thompson has come in to learn about MUSIC from Joel and Steve. Plus dancing at weddings, playing the trumpet, and being unlucky in love. Ever wondered who is bigger: The Rolling Stones or the Beatles? Have a listen.

Melody Thornton

Episode 7.

We have PUSSYCAT DOLL Melody Thornton on the show! She reveals Hollywood insights, meeting Mariah Carey, a full breakdown of Shaggy’s “It wasn’t me” and sex… this playlist is another level! 

Tom Read Wilson

Episode 8.

We’re joined by the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious host of “Celebs Go Dating” Tom Read Wilson!

Dom Joly

Episode 9.

Dom Joly joins us on today’s episode of Teenage Mixtape, and he talks all things to do with being in the Jungle, working on Bear Gryll’s and of course things that will make you Trigger Happy!

Paddy McGuiness

Episode 10.

Paddy McGuinness joins Joel Dommett and Steve Dunne to discuss Top Gear, Cars, Music and “Earpods”. Get ready to laugh, and enjoy Paddy’s Playlist. 

Rose Matafeo

Episode 11. 

Rose Matafeo joins Joel Dommett and Steve Dunne to discuss growing up in New Zealand, Comedy, Kanye West and having the “Time of Your Life.”


Lloyd Griffith

Episode 12

Soccer AM presenter and Comedian Lloyd Griffith joins Joel Dommett and Steve Dunne in the studio for a sing along. Choir boy Lloyd shows off his impressive range whilst walking us down memory lane. All this and much much more.

Roman Kemp

Episode 13.

YOU LUCKY SWINES We have Capital radio DJ Roman Kemp in the studio. He joins Joel and Steve to talk about what it’s like being the son of a pop icon, a SUPER awkward encounter with Christoph Waltz and plays us a number on the guitar. Get ready for some hard right turns.

Ed Gamble

Episode 14.

Comedian and Podcasting superhero Ed Gamble joins Joel Dommett and Steve Dunne in the studio. Ed gets geeky, the guys sing some songs and Joel tells us a “bloody” sexy story PLUS we hear about Joel and Steve’s special recipe. Ever heard of a Palimino?

Ivo Graham

Episode 15.

Play it Steve! Comedian Ivo Graham joins the guys in the studio for yodelling filth! We hear about guilty pleasures, throwback to MSN messenger and swing back into 2019 with Ed Sheeran. 

AJ Odudu

Episode 16.

Presenter AJ Odudu joins Joel and Steve in the studio to write song! Plus we hear about love, meeting Robbie Williams and throw back to the 90’s

Jess Robinson

Episode 17.

Comedian, singer, actor and impersonator Jess Robinson joins Joel and Steve in the studio to sing Happy Birthday! This episode is fun and a bit sticky. 

Arielle Free

Episode 18.

TV Presenter and DJ Arielle Free joins Joel and Steve to talk about how there’s no Scottish rap, getting in fights and Spice Girls. Also, Steve plays a few of your requests in STEVE, Play It!

Bluey Robinson

Episode 19.

We take Bluey Robinson’s PODCAST VIRGINITY! PLUS “Steve, Play it” and Joel tells us about his upcoming nuptials.

Iain Stirling

Episode 20.

Joel’s wedding guest and the voice of Love Island Iain Stirling joins Joel and Steve for much singing. Plus a poo story and an overshare. Get ready to laugh and sing along. PS. Hello Roger and Ally.

Delta Sleep

Episode 21.

We are joined by DELTA SLEEP! We find a better format for the podcast, get racy with Gina G and we hear about some very guilty pleasures! Join us and sing along. STEVE, PLAY IT!


Rhys James

Episode 22.

We have Rhys-ie Baby aka Rhys James aka Greasy Baby aka Poo-ie on the show for a chat about school, music and posing for pictures.


Hannah Cooper-Dommett

Episode 23.

Joel’s new WIFEY Hannah Cooper-Dommett joins HUBBY Joel Dommett and best man Steve Dunne in the studio to tell us all about THE WEDDING! Which songs made their wedding playlist?We hear ALL the goss PLUS, how Best Man Steve saved the day with moments to spare.

Kem Cetinay

Episode 24.

Kem Cetinay joins Joel Dommett and Steve Dunne in the studio to talk about what teenage boys get up to in sleeping bags. Steve writes a sexy song and Kem tells us about his love for the frog. PLUS… we get ready for Christmas. 

Tom Walker

Episode 25.

Tom Walker joins Joel Dommett and Steve Dunne to talk about guitar music, Tom’s engagement, meeting Ed Sheeran and alarm clocks. 

Joel Dommett

Episode 26.

YOU’VE ASKED FOR IT – NOW YOU’VE GOT IT! FINALLY! Joel Dommett finally reveals HIS Teenage Mixtape Playlist! PLUS Steve, Play it and our Christmas song is continued.

Davina McCall

Episode 27.

What a banger of an episode! We have DAVINA MCCALL on the show! An inspiration, a mentor, a lover!

Frankie Bridge

Episode 28.

We get smutty with FRANKIE FREAKING BRIDGE! Is Frankie an Emo or an Emu? PLUS, we chat about skateboarding, trampolining and Joel gets real awkward.

Jayde Adams

Episode 29.

WELCOME TO BONERTOWN! Comedian and Singer Jayde Adams joins us for a very musical episode and a chat about Bristol, Banksy and Buffy. PLUS Joel reveals all about his sex (scene) with Sienna Miller.



Episode 30.

As voted for by you, we took all the BEST BITS and put them in one episode for your listening delight. We hear about nosebleeds during SEX, scattered Condoms, The Cough Clock, Meeting Papa Roach and that time Michael Jackson popped round. All this and much much more.

James Acaster

Episode 31.

JAMES ACASTER BRINGS US BACK WITH A BANG! Joel and James relive some childhood trauma, the boys invent extreme walking and we hear a story about how Liam Gallagher made Jamie Oliver move house. Big love to James, be sure to check out his podcast “Off Menu” and his four hilarious Netflix specials. Hello 2020, we are BACK! Let’s play some MUSIC.

Adam Hess

 Episode 32. 

WE TAKE A BOAT TO THE RAIN! Comedian Adam Hess joins Joel Dommett and Steve Dunne for a chat about poo, medical trials and heartbreak. PLUS, Joel admits to putting his penis in unexpected places, and we are disappointed by Britney Spears.


Francis Boulle

Episode 33.

Comedian, Podcaster, Maker of Japanese Cider, Francis Boulle is a rich tapestry. What’s the craziest thing you can think of? Francis has done it. Plus, Dad settles a debate, Joel learns who wrote the bible and Francis educates us about Jazz Hip Hop

Amber Davies

Episode 34.

We are joined by Amber Davies of Love Island and Dolly Parton’s 9-5 fame! We read her DM’s and sing a bit of musical theatre. PLUS, we feel for Lewis Capaldi and Joel tells us a story about bumping into a celebrity in a lift. It’s a banger!

Catherine Bohart

Episode 35.

Comedian Catherine Bohart is on a mission to make us better people. Joel buys a £5 banana, Steve has a nude car accident and Catherine tells us why she hates music festivals. PLUS we reminisce about Kem Cetinay and Joels’s voice gets weird. It’s a BANGER of an episode! 

Sarah Keyworth

Episode 36. 

Comedian Sarah Keyworth joins us for a rollercoaster of a chat. We delve into country music, a letter from Joel’s penis and a boob chariot. What song reminds you of your partner? Catherine Bohart went first, will Sarah Keyworth say the same? Listen and find out. 

Too Many T's

Episode 37.

Rapping duo Too Many T’s join us in the studio for some beats and a chat about wearing different types of footwear while having sex. PLUS Joel hands out marriage advice, Steve takes some PIS requests and we come up with the BEST idea for a TV show.

All Time Low

Episode 38.

WHAT A BANGER!! We are joined by superstars ALL TIME LOW!! We learn a few American phrases, teach the guys some British swearwords and have a really lovely chat. PLUS, we hear about gaining super powers from Rod Stewart and work on building self esteem. Get ready to laugh, we did. The new album is going to be SICK! 

Steve Dunne

Episode 39.

Are you strong enough to hold rapper Coolio in the air? Steve Dunne wasn’t. PLUS Steve shares his playlist, Joel goes mad for jam and we workshop some new nicknames.